A dance piece by Jaakko Toivonen in which I participated as a first-year dance student at the Rotterdam's Dance Academy.
Performed at the Korzo theater in Den Haag at 2001.

Alone_NL from Shahar Davis on Vimeo.

From the program:
Choreography: Jaakko Toivonen together with the dancers
Music: Pierre Boulez 'Deaxxieme sonate pour piano', Signor Rossi (France Godi) 'W la Felicta', Song of Elvis Presley (Arranged by Haanstra, Hellestelle, Schon) 'Can't help falling in love' and 'You don't have to say you love me', Ella Fitzgerald 'Let's do it (let's fall in love)'
Dance and Text: Shahar Davis, Erik van Duijvebode
Superviser: Ruud Vermey
With thanks to: Ruud Vermey, Sylvie Planet, Hilke Diemer, Antien van Mierlo