Audio levels reference for balance

Harry Potter



biggest explosion in the sky


climax of intro


sandra screaming close to camera


sudden magic burst in a quite scene


cloony shouts in radio "NOW!!"


hight of escaping the fire


music magic envelopes the castle before the bad guys come


music peak before debril hit


start buildup drum


talking on radio suspencfull scene before something really bad


students cheering clapping

-24 -31 sounds of credits -quiet susspence


teacher masster talk in hall


talk abit louder to someone 2-3 meters away


talk normal in a quite room


slightly softer talk in a quite environment and no music


sudden single footstep

-18 -3

in the rollercoaster underground

-24 -33

violins in a dramatic sad scene

-18 -21

voices in the aboce scene


low bass start building susspeness


quite music of sad moment

-43 -33

quite music - flute in nature -  a memory


low bass footsteps


quiet when they are invisible


quite space musc violins

-45 -54

quite footsteps on stone, soft shoe


peak to have a clear word "bad feeling"


very quite violins after a  silent moment of realizing he is going to die


quite distant radio talking


very quiet room tone